How To Order

It is but normal that our Gun Shop needs your FFL dealer address before we ship out for safety and for confirmation of license . Due to the recent lockdown and security issues, our Glock store have decided to do discreet deliveries ONLY. This is your chance to order a gun online even without having an FFL dealer and have the gun shipped to your desired address without hassle. Our present stock consist of,

Glock|Glock 19|glock 43|glock 17|Glock 43x| Glock 26| Glock 48|Glock 45|Glock 34|Glock 23| Glock 22|Glock 42|Glock 19x| glock 19 gen 5|glock 21|Glock 20|Glock 27|Glock 40|Glock 18|Glock 30|Glock 44|Glock 17 gen 5|Glock 19 Gen 4|Glock 9mm|glock talk|Glock 26 gen 5| Glock 10mm|Glock 29|glock 36|key glock|glock 35|9mm glock|glock models|glock 9|glock 19 magazines|glock 19 gen 3|glock 23 gen 4|glock 30s|the glock. store|glock 26 gen 4.

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